What we offer

Working for ABT Treuhand Group enables you to flourish

An environment marked by a multi-faceted scope of activities and challenging mandates necessitates a mindset with a high degree of independence and networking skills. A pleasant workplace coupled with a sympathetic and professional team pave the way for you to eagerly fulfill these requirements. You work closely together with specialists from various fields of expertise and, in this way, develop ideal solutions for our clients.

Support for your professional examinations

We provide support through spending time as well as financial resources for further training and continuing education programmes such as Swiss Federal Certificates or Diplomas as tax advisors, trust advisors or auditors.

Above-average passing rates

Our training programmes are distinguished by their high quality, which is reflected in the examinations. In fact, the passing rates are in excess of 90%. You are provided with extra-occupational advancement of your technical and personal skills from the very first day.

We have much to offer. See for yourself.