IT Audit

Smart IT AuditSmart IT Audit

Today’s information society poses several challenges to top managers. They have to use the latest technologies if they don’t want to lag behind competition. At the same time, they have to manage the related risks. We help you in assessing and managing the complex IT risks so that you will know your company data and operations safe.


Our Services

  • IT Risk Analysis
  • Data Analysis (CAATS)
  • IT Compliance Checks
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Partially or fully outsourced internal control
  • Creation and development of the internal control system
  • Take advantage of our specialist knowledge

SAP Audit

Does SAP adequately control the business and security risks? Does it support the business processes in an efficient way? We let you look inside SAP and show you the answers. Our SAP specialist auditors bear with the rare combination of knowledge that is required: SAP and IT Audit on one hand, Business Process and Finance on the other hand.

SAP Authorization Audit and Advisory with CSI®

Do your employees have appropriate access rights in SAP? Do you have an efficient SAP role structure with ease of use? Are you aware of all segregation of duties risks within your organization? If so, you belong to a lucky minority. The companies that use SAP, strive to design a robust and risk-free SAP role structure with easy operation, in which each person has sufficient privileges to do its job, but no more. If you need help in this area, please contact us and our experts have the experience and the necessary tools available such as CSI Authorization Auditor, can help you.

SAP Audit Training

Do you feel uncertainty when it comes to auditing SAP processes and controls? Would you like to know the key SAP risks? Do you face an upcoming SAP Audit and don’t feel comfortable? Our experts with multiple years of SAP Audit and Training experience help you and your colleagues to be prepared after a practice-oriented, tailor-made training.